Sarah Kane

Sarah Kane

Sarah is a copy editor, proofreader and translator (from French, German and Italian) with a particular interest in art and cultural history. Clients include the Royal Collection, the British Library, Penguin Random House, Phaidon and Prestel, along with dozens of museums and galleries across Europe and the United States. She is equally happy working on books, journals and magazines as on electronic publications and websites.

Why you will meet her

You may not get to meet her at all, as Sarah is one of those rare creatures that rarely leaves her burrow. She’ll be too busy beavering away in the background, dotting your i’s, crossing your t’s and generally making sure your text is shipshape and Bristol fashion.

Sarah’s skills

Copyediting 90%
European languages 95%
English grammar and punctuation 90%
Making the perfect risotto 75%
Underwater hockey 30%