Jonny Hough

Jonny Hough

Jonny has been working with Echosix since … the internet began.  Jonny is a digital project manager as well as a web developer (specialising in WordPress but able to dabble in most technologies). He has built and managed websites since he learned HTML in New York in the winter of 1999 and has worked for clients ranging from the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office and British Airways to Vodafone and Volkswagen.

Why you will meet him

Well, you may not meet in the flesh but you’ll be sure to have regular contact with Jonny if he’s working on your website. He’ll help you decide the best technical solution, advise on what’s involved in the build and actually put your site together.

Jonny’s skills

Coding 95%
Web development 90%
Project management 90%
Enjoying Scottish football 30%