Joel Chant

Joel Chant

Photographer Joel Chant has a wealth of experience, having been a professional photographer since the early ‘90s. During his career he has worked for national newspapers, magazines and many corporate clients, from banks and the CBI to international aid agencies such as the British Red Cross. Joel’s passion is photographing people and he has been lucky enough to do so around the world in a variety of situations, including  photographing landmine victims being helped by the Halo Trust in Cambodia.

Why you will meet him

You’ll meet Joel in pre-shoot discussions, during shoots and at presentations with the final images. Joel enjoys all stages of a shoot – from conception to delivery – and  will go the extra mile to produce a great result.

Joel’s skills

Relaxing nervous subjects during portrait shoots 95%
Wrangling large crowds for group shots 90%
Organising shoots 90%
Barbecuing very large prawns 35%