Why use Echosix for project management?


If you need help selecting the best development, design or branding partner for your project, we’ll ensure you make the right choice and that both your user needs and business interests are met.


Our project managers can work in your offices five days a week to ensure your project stays on track.


We’ll convert your digital-by-default strategy into a series of costed and achievable work packages. Our managers are there to make the big picture a reality, not dither and clockwatch.


Our experienced staff can manage your large multi-disciplinary teams for you, freeing you up to concentrate on the things that matter rather than day-to-day HR issues.


We have project managers well versed in both Agile and Prince2 forms of PM. Whatever your internal management culture, we can provide a manager who will fit straight in.


Digital projects can run away with your budget in the blink of an eye – our PMs ensure work is delivered on time and under budget.


We work across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Our key clients for project management include:

Amnesty International | Unison | Carbon Trust


Project managers come in all shapes and sizes and include:

Product managers | Digital performance analysts | Delivery managers | Programme managers | Technical architects | Communications / content managers

Product & programme managers

Our product and programme managers will define the strategy, roadmaps and feature definitions for your products or digital services.

Strategy | Release management | Budget control | Multi-tasking | Prioritising | Delivering change

Digital performance analysts

Our DPAs specify, collect and present the key performance data and analysis for your service. They have the analytical and problem-solving skills required but also the language and soft skills needed to explain complex technical concepts to senior staff.

Decision making | Strong communication skills | Proactive workers

Delivery managers

Our delivery managers set teams up for successful delivery by removing obstacles or blockers to progress, constantly helping the team become more self organising.

Collaborative approach | Project management skills | Agile methodologies | Strong estimation skills

Technical architects

Our technical architects help plan and design IT systems for our clients – and put them into place. They act as the link between a company’s managers and the designers and developers who build their IT infrastructure.

People skills | Technical wizards | Business brains

Communications & content managers

All our comms and content managers come with strong journalism backgrounds, first-rate editorial skills and a collaborative approach to working. They are adept at speaking to multiple user groups and ensuring content and messages are easily understood.

First-rate English | Excellent communicators | Sticklers for style | Social media experts

We specialise in high-value time-boxed projects