Why use Echosix for content creation?


Our journalists and editors, photographers and filmmakers have honed their skills with the BBC, the Guardian, Wallpaper* and Time Out plus a host of big brands.


We can parachute in our content experts to work alongside your creative teams to produce content and build up a library of useful materials.


We produce a huge range of content formats from meaty bid documents and punchy news-style articles to short films and animations, infographics, photography and illustration.


We make sure that all our creative output adheres to your brand guidelines. We save time and money by familiarising ourselves with all aspects of your visual identity at the outset.


We discuss intellectual property rights up front. Who owns it and how long can it be used for? Which territories and which channels? We agree all this at the outset.


We can give your teams the skills to produce their own sparkling editorial, photography, illustration, short films and more through practical training sessions and workshops.


We work across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Our key clients for content creation include:

Unison | London & Partners | Pacha | Wallpaper* | Amnesty International


Content creation utilises a wide variety of skills, including:

Content strategy | Editorial | Filmmaking | Photography | Infographics

Content strategy

Creating sparkling content for your audiences is one thing – getting it to shine month after month is another. We create content strategies to optimise content origination, maintenance and deletion processes and to help you to monitor, maintain and continuously improve.

Audience consultation |Governance | Workflows | Templates | Decision trees | Acceptance criteria | Best practice examples | Quality testing


Our journalists and editors contribute to the likes of the Guardian, the BBC, Time Out and Wallpaper*, alongside a host of corporate clients. We write, edit and proofread digital content, magazines, brochures, books, advertising, scripts and performances in multiple languages. One of our copywriters even won a Costa Book Award for his children’s novel. We contribute to and create:

Broadsheet newspapers | Books | Websites | National radio

Filmmaking & animation

We make broadcast-quality films without breaking the bank. We handle everything – briefs, storyboards, casting, production, directing, editing – across immersive ‘mood’ shorts, adverts, promotions, training content, CEO interviews and ‘explainers’.

Reportage | Animation | Professional voiceovers | Original music | Tight scripts | Quality casting


Our photographers regularly contribute to broadsheet newspapers, magazines and exhibitions. Many are based in London, and we also draw upon an international network of tried-and-tested lensmen and women.

Reportage | Portraits | Interiors | Travel | Social documentary | Urban environment | Sport

Illustration & infographics

Information can be beautiful when presented in a visually appealing way and is often preferred to reams of dense text. Our illustrators and designers can make your messages and data meaningful and compelling.

Infographics | Charts & graphs | Logos & branding | Process flows | Icons | Graphic toolkits

We specialise in high-value time-boxed projects