Project management and content creation for the UK’s largest trade union

The brief: laying firm foundations

Unison, the country’s largest pubic-sector trade union, needed a new website fit for purpose in the 21st century. But before the development could start they had to understand the needs of their users, figure out what existing content had value and set up a plan to deliver a raft of new content.

Step 1: digital discovery

We interviewed staff from across the organisation, surveyed union members, analysed existing web traffic and call centre data, and ran a series of user insight workshops. In parallel we conducted a detailed audit of site content, to work out what content was fit for purpose and would have lasting value on the new site. It was no surprise that more than 70% of existing content was earmarked for deletion.

Step 2: content planning

We then wrote content creation and migration plans for the new site. With our newly developed information architecture, we detailed exactly what content would appear on every page – right down to block level – and specified what existing supporting documents would be migrated across.

Step 3: content creation

We recruited the specialised editors and writers needed to create content for the new site. We managed the entire process, from briefing and writing through to editing and sign-off. We navigated a complex  approvals process, which included subject matter experts, legal officers and other “interested parties”.

Step 4: launch and beyond

The result was legally-sound, super-sharp content that speaks clearly to users and rivals government content for accuracy, tone of voice and usefulness. Our workflow and governance planning ensures the content is kept fresh and up to date.

Amnesty International 7 February 2016 Bank of England 10 February 2016