A hairy-lipped fundraiser for the Institute of Cancer Research

The brief: how to raise thousands?

The Institute of Cancer Research wanted to find a way to pump more funds into testicular cancer research. How could it galvanise those most at risk – men in their prime – to take part in a charity fundraiser?

Step 1: from tache to cash

Justin Carter of Elbow Room fame came up with a cracking idea: persuade young men about town to grow a moustache in return for sponsorship from friends. All he needed was a digital team to help make it happen.

Step 2: reaching out to the hipsters

We played a major role in the project over two years: leading the build of a spoof fashion site for year one and then teaming up with creative agency Chaos to create a brand new site for year two. We also wrote a series of posters for workspaces, pubs and clubs.

Step 3: creating a community

Echosix director Jonathan Lee threw himself into the fray by growing a Mexican number. Jonathan Downey invited the growing band of hairy campaigners to a upper lip-stiffening cocktail at his Soho club Milk and Honey. It was all-round tache-tastic.

Step 4: £100k+ raised

The first Tacheback campaign culminated in a mass shave-off at a club in Islington, complete with tache parade and a trophy going to the man with the most impressive brush. In year one alone £100,000 was raised, making the campaign one of the most successful in the institute’s history.

Special project 8 January 2016 Directgov 10 January 2016