London & Partners

Promoting the world’s best big city to global audiences

The brief: help secure jobs and growth for London

London & Partners is the Mayor of London’s official promotional and economic development organisation. Since its 2011 inception, it has commissioned us to create compelling content in order to attract overseas businesses, visitors, conference organisers and others to the city.

Step 1: Audience insight

Every London & Partners project starts from the same point: the audience. We ask what they want and what they need, what formats they respond to and the context in which they will encounter our work.

Step 2: Measures of success and scheduling

How will we know whether this project has been successful? When will it be launched? Which parties have to be consulted? We nail this down before we put pen to paper and cursor to screen.

Step 3: Which format?

We’ve created content for London & Partners’ websites, illustrations, research documents, event programmes and delegation trips. The trick is selecting the most compelling and engaging format for the target audience.

Step 4: Release, measure and improve

The final stage of all our projects with London & Partners is to monitor the distribution of the content, gauge the response and incorporate improvements for next time round, whether that be an update to the existing content or brand new creative.


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