The Careers & Enterprise Company

Creating powerful brand assets

The brief: Devise a fresh visual and verbal identity

The Careers & Enterprise Company inspires and prepares young people for the world of work. The company came to us looking for a fresh and contemporary approach to design, animation and editorial for a range of core brand projects.

Step 1: Best practice and brand immersion

We explored cutting-edge design and editorial in the spheres of education and employment and immersed ourselves in the organisation’s strategic objectives and audience needs.

Step 2: Building brand guidelines

We designed and edited CEC’s brand guidelines, creating important rules on messaging, visual identity, photography, video, colours, iconography and a range of formats from pull-up banners and leaflets to social media graphics.

Step 3: Creating key assets

We produced a welter of CEC engagement collateral including its annual round-up – the organisation’s most important publication of the year – reams of website text, animated infographics for digital distribution, case studies and website redesigns.

Step 4: Measuring success

Echosix is proud to have contributed to The Career & Enterprise Company’s growing impact. Within 18 months of its founding in 2015, more than 17,000 schools and colleges had signed up to its advisor network and more than 250,000 young people had benefited from its investment funds.

Care Quality Commissi… 10 January 2017 Europe Enterprise Net… 11 January 2018