Bank of England

Content audit and strategy for the UK central bank’s intranet and website

The brief: help the Bank’s staff collaborate

The UK central bank wanted to help its staff work more collaboratively and efficiently. They were hampered in this regard by a bloated and unwieldy intranet site that was difficult for staff to use. Working through framework agency Emagine, we were brought on board to sort things out.

Step 1: interviews and audits

We interviewed Bank staff to find out how exactly intranet content could help them work more effectively and to see what social and collaboration features would be of most benefit to them. We then audited the entire intranet site (16,000+ pages), producing “keep / delete / rewrite” recommendations for each page.

Step 2: using our soft skills

Our interviewers all have journalism backgrounds and were able to put Bank staff – many of whom were unaccustomed to being interviewed – at ease during the consultation process. The nuggets of information gleaned from these interviews and workshops were invaluable to ascertaining what would be most useful to staff.

Step 3: proper technical analysis

We combined automated site analysis (spidering tools, CMS teardowns, traffic analysis, inventory analysis) with an “eyes on every page” approach to come up with our individual page recommendations.

Step 4: Facebook for the Bank

The Bank got a Facebook-style, user-centric intranet site, where staff could follow and “like” discussions, post comments and share knowledge. The intranet site became a dynamic and organic knowledge-sharing repository that improved efficiencies and dissolved barriers between divisions. The personalised portal gave staff information at their fingertips and they automatically received company-wide essential information but could also opt in to explore other areas of interest.


Step 5: results and beyond

The key result was an engaging intranet light years ahead of its predecessor – a build underpinned by our sophisticated content inventories, templates, style guides and prioritised staff ideas. We also implemented a content lifecycle plan to ensure outdated content was automatically deleted from the site and a set of governance recommendations to keep content fresh and new.

Unison 8 February 2016 Wallpaper* 23 February 2016